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Client Briefing

House designing and decorating concept is a very important one. There are colors, lightings, Furnitures, Furnishings, things and various design styles to suit your taste and day to day living. After reaching out to us, we’ll fix a consultation time that works well for you. Over this session, we’ll discuss with you your design ideas, style and the concepts that best suits your lifestyle and taste. There are diverse concepts in house designing and decoration of which we’ll discuss to know your favorite color selection, lighting choice, furniture style, etc. Our client briefing basically entails discussing in full details your house decoration project with you. Every inspiration you’ve gathered for the project would be taken by our expert designers and decorators, which would be used for your concept design.

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Concept Design

Converting our discussion in to a concept design thru the computer software and see how your house will look like. Developing and creating the designs in to real in your house and make you experience the dream designs. A concept design is a fundamental interior design process that showcase the transformation of ideas into a meaningful design plan. It could be in form of a large visual theme that’ll communicate what the proposed design would look like to both the designer and space owner. Of course there is a direct link between idea and concept design. Once you have a design idea for your space, it then requires the creativity of the interior designer to customize a befitting design for your space. Concept design is meant to have a broad outline of the functions and features that’ll be present in a space. At Interior Designz SR, our experts in professional architectural designs would help you display or reflect your ideas in the interior design of your space.
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Space Planning

This is a fundamental element of interior design process. Prior to designing your space, our experts at Interior Designz SR would do in-depth analysis of your space. This analysis would help us come up with a great plan about how your space should be laid out and used. Our interior design experts often incorporate modern innovative design technologies with special design software to show a 3D display of what your space would look like.

Interior Designing services in Chennai. Space planning requires creativity and professionalism but with Interior Designz SR, you can be rest assured of getting a proper space planning for your home or office.

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Procuring will be done based on the quality, warranty, brand and the style. Also we can procure based on the budget which will be at an affordable cost as well. We manage all the paper works involved in the procurement. Procurement, also known as purchasing basically entails buying the items that would be required for your home designing and decoration project after the design has been completed and approved by you (as the client in question). Our procurement is done strictly based on quality, warranty, brand and style that can make your project a complete success. Another thing we put into consideration is budget. We can purchase or procure based on the budget we have on ground. In that regards, we’ll be after affordable items which will make your project cost-effective. Our experts will handle (manage) all the paper works involved in procurement, so you have nothing to worry about. All your items would be in total control.
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We consider each and every phase we work while doing the interior designing, execution is one of a important process. This is the phase where we’ll carry out your house design and decoration project which can entail painting, installation of items and all. We often make sure that the whole project goes just as planned with our clients. Our interior designer and decorators who are certified professionals in the field would carry out your interior designing projects in an outstanding approach. After executing your project, your home would remain in nothing but a great shape with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Upon completion of the project, we often do snap checks and prepare the home for photo shoot before handling over to our client.

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Snag Checks

After completing the installations, we do snag checks thoroughly and prepare the home for the photo shoot and then handover to our client. This process is to make sure that all our work completed are perfectly done and scrutinize that  all are working very well and ready to be used by our client, if any issues then we rectify it before the handover and this is done by our project manager herself. This step is very crucial, because it won’t be nice if the client started viewing our work and if something is not practically working. We put ourselves in the client’s position and check each and everything thoroughly and see if everything is perfect and then confirm if the site is ready for the handover to our client.

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Interior Designing services in Chennai. After completing all the process we keep it clean and prepare the site for the presentation and prepare for the handover. Make sure the project was carried out in line with the proposed ideas. Our expert interior designers and decorators would scrutinize through to make sure you have an outstanding interior designing project. We will make sure that the project is executed to your maximum satisfaction before handling over to you. We can’t wait to see the overwhelming joy of reactions from our client when they view the completed project. We delight our clients in this way by putting our maximum efforts to satisfy our clients by our care given on each and every detail of the small and big of the project. Thank you!

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When looking to hire the best interior designer in Chennai, you need not look any further, Interior Designz SR got you covered. How then do we execute our client’s interior design projects? What are the steps we take to transform your space into something stunning and gorgeous that’ll exactly suit your taste? We often go through space planning before concept designs. Interior designing services in Chennai. Wardrobes Designs, Modular Kitchen Designs, Bedroom Designs, Bathroom Designs, Living Area Designs, Dining Area Designs, Home Decorations, Home Interior Designs, Home Interior Designing. Designing a home is not just a combination of some colors and keeping it as a showcases, it really matters how it can used in day to day life easily, the designs, the materials, the things, the place in which you set the things, which can be practically used daily and making it a user friendly and long lasting materials and designs.

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Looking to get beautiful customized interior design for your home or office space on a very low budget? No problem, we got you covered. With us, you don’t have to spend more than your budget to have an interior decorator to design your space. Although sophisticated, we are still a budget-friendly interior decorator. All Decorating plans, and what-to-get quote you’ll get from us are the lowest you can possibly get from any decorator. Regardless of your low budget, our interior design experts will l create an aesthetically pleasing interior by meticulously maintaining balance between the principles of interior design. Our interior expert will also offer you professional interior design ideas that will produce more astounding beauty when incorporated to your home or office. Affordable Pricing for Interior designing services in Chennai. Want to save money when you make a Home interiors, modular kitchen. There are few tips you can follow, Decide the basic needs of the design you are planning. What are all the furnitures and accessories you really need in the house kitchen, this will control the expenditure when you build a home interior design or a modular kitchen. Do you really need fancy and extra fittings in kitchen, you cut down on things not required. Choosing the right brands and equipments will not only manage the costs it will definitely reduce the cost due to its long life on the longer run. Connect with us to know more on controlling the costs while you build the home interior designs.